Hydraulic Tightening


To realize your tightenings and assemblies with precision and homogeneity, we design hydraulic tensioners. A wide range of standard or special tensioners for use in mechanical assembly, pressure equipment and civil engineering are available.
The standard range, thanks to its small footprint (due to the use of the high pressure: 1500 bar), allows you to solve most stud tightenings.


In addition to our range of standard hydraulic tensioners, we have developed a tensioner for Off Shore applications.
This underwater range combines the advantages of the hydraulic tensioner thermal and simple use in difficult conditions (visibility, environment, …)
For any specific application, we offer a study appropriate to your needs.


In order to be able to develop very large clamping forces in the smallest possible dimensions we offer you the range of compact tensioners.
The tie rod and the hydraulic part being monobloc, the use of these simple and fast tensioners is ideal for particular applications.


The hydraulic nut allows assembly clamping with great precision and in a minimum of time.
It replaces the conventional nut and has a mechanical device for maintaining the load after the hydraulic tensioning.
For all specific applications we offer a study appropriate to your needs.


In the field of civil engineering, in particular the prestressing of anchor bars, formwork and temporary installations (before spout, …), we have developed a wide range of hydraulic tensioners to realize the assembly and disassembly of bolted assemblies.
The range BTP offers a wide range of clamping, using dual effect tensioners with small footprint (due to the use of high pressure: 1200 bar), long stroke: 50 mm which allow thanks to their low weight easy use and fast.